The Big Set Of Networking Changes For Linux 5.14


Given the dominance of Linux-based fully mostly devices from embedded/mobile (Android) by draw of files products and services and Linux powering all forms of instruments, the networking subsystem updates for new Linux kernel merge home windows remains to be very energetic with recent hardware attend and by no manner-ending improvements and recent aspects.

With the Linux 5.14 merge window it is been one more busy time for the networking share of the kernel. About a of the networking changes to search out with Linux 5.14 consist of:

The Intel IOSM driver is added as the company’s recent M.2 modem driver.

MikroTik 10G/25G NIC attend.

NVMeTCP offload bits.

AF_XDP zero-reproduction for the Intel IGC driver.

– Preparations toward within the damage being in a job to attend signed BPF programs within the kernel. The prep work in Linux 5.14 for BPF is around including a syscall program kind and libbpf attend for generating instructions and bindings for in-kernel BPF loaders, which in turn would maybe perhaps presumably even be purposed as a BPF loader for BPF.

– The core networking code now permits bypassing of the lockless qdisc for better performance. In a pktgen take a look at the performance went up by 23% for one thread and 44% for two threads.

– Give a procure to for the Qualcomm MSM8998. On the Qualcomm entrance can be WiFi attend for the QCN9074 and WCN6855 PCI devices.

– Mellanox BlueField Gigabit Ethernet attend is in situation for that sustain watch over NIC of the DPU.

– Assorted 6GHz WiFi improvements.

– Persevered work on Multi-Path TCP (MPTCP).

The lengthy checklist of networking changes for this next kernel version would maybe perhaps presumably even be found at

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