‘Take me home’ — Mark Zuckerberg posts flag-waving, surfboard-riding Independence Day Instagram video

Facebook CEO Stamp Zuckerberg rides an electric surfboard conserving the American flag. July 4, 2021.

Stamp Zuckerberg, Instagram

Originate The US Uncommon Again.

Facebook CEO Stamp Zuckerberg on Sunday posted a wacky American-flag waving, surfboard-using video on Instagram to celebrate Independence Day.

“Elated July 4th!” Zuckerberg wrote on the put up of the video.

It aspects him deftly skimming alongside atop an electric foil surfboard on an idyllic-taking a look lake, toting the Stars and Stripes as John Denver’s anthem to West Virginia, “Take Me Home, Nation Roads” performs as a soundtrack.

Facebook, which the 37-three hundred and sixty five days-ancient mega-billionaire co-basically based, owns Instagram.

“This is a pair of meme materials,” one follower of “Zuck” wrote per the put up.

“Improbable!” one more follower wrote.

A third wrote, “Whereas you net your antitrust lawsuit thrown about by a almost a pair of resolution. Let’s GOOOOO Zuck!