Systemd 249 Has Another Chance For Testing Before Release


One other release candidate of systemd 249 is equipped for sorting out whereas the accurate release looks imminent.

As beforehand neatly-known the systemd 249 change is coming with many new ingredients. Some of the systemd 249 highlights consist of:

– Systemd-sysusers and systemd-firstboot now supports querying info from the credential subsystems.

– The systemd-repart partition configurations procure a brand new “MakeDirectories=” way to procure arbitrary directories internal file-systems as they’re created.

– The /etc/os-release file has new non-compulsory variables of IMAGE_VERSION= and IMAGE_ID= spherical working machine image info.

– Modifications to the –image= switch handling for the likes of systemd-nspawn and systemd-dissect to permit for “straightforward and generic entire-file-machine A/B updates” the save new working machine versions are dropped into partitions.

– A new udev hardware database for FireWire devices.

– The native Journal protocol is now neatly documented.

– Diverse DHCP server improvements.

– systemd-detect-virt can now accurately identify Amazon EC2 environments.

Kindly week’s RC2 also added the ConditionOSRelease directive. Now with systemd 249-rc3 there are about a extra fixes in looking out to button issues up sooner than the legit roll-out. In RC3 there are some updates spherical timezone handling, losing an feeble workaround for XGI Z7/Z9 graphics cards, reverting of the new ExitType functionality, and diversified mostly minute fixes.

Those looking out to aid in sorting out systemd 249-rc3 can bag the most contemporary sources for this take a look at candidate by GitHub.

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