Linux 5.14 POWERs Up The Microwatt Soft CPU Core


The POWER architecture updates have been submitted for the continuing Linux 5.14 merge window with about a changes worth declaring this spherical.

First up, Linux 5.14 adds pork up for the OpenPOWER Microwatt snug CPU core. Right here is the OpenPOWER FPGA-based mostly fully fully snug CPU form that is constructed on Vitality ISA 3.0 and the first originate-source POWER form written from scratch. With Linux 5.14 there is preliminary pork up for the OpenPOWER Microwatt nevertheless now not but any SMP capabilities nor other advanced CPU capabilities.

POWER in Linux 5.14 also has a mountainous refactoring to its KVM code, optimizations for its 64-bit interrupt return course, pork up for user-put procure entry to to the POWER10 CPU’s NX GZIP accelerator, and other dinky changes.

At this stage it appears IBM has many of the POWER10 pork up all squared away for Linux.

The elephantine list of POWER processor changes for Linux 5.14 can even be chanced on via this PR that has already been merged to mainline.

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