Linux 5.14 GPU Driver Updates Come In Heavy With ~300k New Lines Of Code


The Tell Rendering Manager (kernel graphics/describe driver) updates for Linux 5.14 are placing on the kilos with on the subject of 300k traces of unusual code added (312,187 insertions, 22,367 deletions). The wide lengthen is driven by unusual AMD Radeon graphics give a pick to added, a brand unusual Microsoft driver added, and other adjustments.

As now we beget been familiar with, the wide lengthen in L.O.C. depend is largely as a result of the unusual hardware give a pick to with the AMDGPU DRM driver and the overall connected header files. These register header files are automatically generated and in actuality power up the line depend for the AMDGPU kernel driver that is already the biggest driver all the map in which via the Linux kernel source tree. The unusual AMD Radeon hardware give a pick to with Linux 5.14 is Yellow Carp and Beige Goby.

A unusual driver to Linux 5.14 is the Microsoft Hyper-V describe driver but that is slightly miniature in measurement. Another unusual driver this cycle is the SimpleDRM driver.

The DRM pull seek data from for Linux 5.14 also brings:

Intel Alder Lake P enablement and XeLPD describe enablement.

– Persevered GuC/HuC enablement work all the map in which via the Intel driver.

The Intel driver adapting to exhaust TTM reminiscence administration for discrete GPUs and getting extra bits aligned for the DG1 discrete graphics card.

AMDGPU hot unplug handling ought to now be in correct shape.

16bpc describe give a pick to for AMDGPU.

– Initial SR-IOV give a pick to for Aldebaran alongside with other updates for that unusual CDNA accelerator.

PCI Specific ASPM vitality-financial savings give a pick to is within the waste enabled by default.

Initial give a pick to for AMD laptops with Trim Shift.

AMDGPU throttler situation reporting.

AMDGPU/AMDKFD Heterogeneous Reminiscence Administration Shared Digital Reminiscence (HMM SVM) give a pick to.

– ARM64 give a pick to for the VMware VMWGFX virtual driver and initial SVGA3 give a pick to.

The fleshy listing of DRM adjustments for Linux 5.14 by skill of this pull seek data from.

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