Linux 5.14 Bringing SD Cache Ctrl Support, Other SD Card Support Improvements


The MMC/MEMSTICK updates for Linux 5.14 bring extra work on bettering the kernel’s Get hold of Digital card support.

Despatched in earlier this week used to be the MMC/MEMSTICK updates for Linux 5.14 and from these varied modifications catching our learn about were a different of Get hold of Digital (SD) associated enhancements and supporting extra functionality on that front. It used to be most efficient most attention-grabbing year that SD Categorical support got ironed out and a few varied SD beneficial properties relish lagged within the again of within the past while now the mainline kernel is working within the direction of catching up.

– Cache alter “Cache Ctrl” support for SD 6.x cards and later. The SD specification enables for an elective internal cache on the SD card for bettering the efficiency, but that cache needs to be managed by the host. In exclaim, the host ends up needing to enable it and prepare the flushing of that cache. With Linux 5.14 this Cache Ctrl support is in draw for SD cards offering such an internal cache.

– Linux 5.14 also now supports vitality off notifications for SD cards. For machine suspend, escape-time suspend, or machine shutdown, there is now a “intellectual vitality-off sequence” utilized thru making exercise of the SD Vitality Off Notification functionality for the reason that SD 4.x specification.

– Linux 5.14 also now supports the reading and writing of SD characteristic extension registers.

– Enabling the U.S.I voltage switch for SDSC. In flip this ought to still fabricate it so such SDSC cards don’t seem like throttled to 25MB/s.

More crucial sides on the MMC/MEMSTICK modifications for Linux 5.14 thru this pull assign a question to of that already has landed in mainline.

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