KDE Ends June With Wayland Fixes, More Responsive Plasma With Faster SVG Handling

KDE --

KDE builders ended June with but extra Plasma Wayland fixes plus a resolution of alternative helpful fixes too.

Some of the items tackled this week by the KDE crew consist of:

– Skanlite now launches with the Plasma Wayland session. Skanlite is KDE’s image scanning instrument.

– Okular now not crashes under Plasma Wayland when dart-scrolling the doc where the cursor touches the window edge.

– A repair to cease xdg-desktop-portal from crashing when precipitated about backgroundactivity when switching between Flatpaks.

– The Plasma audio volume applet is now longer on CPU sources.

– A smash repair for KWin most incessantly crashing when making an try to render window thumbnails if compositing is disabled.

– Mighty faster SVG item lookups might well perchance perchance still result in further responsiveness all thru Plasma and decrease CPU consumption.

Extra crucial aspects on this week’s work thru this blog put up by KDE developer Nate Graham.

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