Intel Media Driver 2021Q2 Focuses On Gen12 Enhancements


In making ready to conclude out the 2nd quarter, the Intel Media Driver 2021Q2 was released as of late as the firm’s launch-source stack for supporting GPU-accelerated video encode/decode on Linux.

The launch-source Intel Media Driver is their widespread VA-API implementation for offering video acceleration on Broadwell by all most widespread expertise Gen12 / Xe Graphics hardware for video encode/decode and processing.

With as of late’s quarterly update, the majority of the work was serious about Gen12 with Tiger Lake, Rocket Lake, DG1, SG1, and Alder Lake S/P improvements. There would possibly per chance be now better robustness for AV1 decode errors, enabled MBQP in ForceQP mode for AVC VDEnc, planar BGR and RGB surface output beef up for video analytics utilization, and enabling the 3D Peep Up Desk (3DLUT) for HDR utilization.

Other than for the Gen12/Xe explicit work, there is suitable a repair reported for tone mapping corruption with HDR10 P010 to SDR NV12 conversion.

The current launch-source Intel Media Driver launch would possibly per chance maybe also moreover be downloaded in source attach from GitHub.

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