Intel Begins Bringing Up DG2 Graphics Card, Xe_HP SDV Support For Linux


Following most up-to-date reports Intel has begun seeding the Xe-HPG DG2 graphics card to builders and varied reported leaks spherical the following-gen “DG2” graphics card, Intel’s open-provide Linux driver engineers fill begun publishing patches for enabling the DG2 as effectively as the Xe_HP SDV.

This preliminary DG2 bring-up for Linux occurs to design practically straight following Intel getting DG1 discrete graphics acceleration working to the extent of now being ready to hotfoot an accelerated desktop atmosphere with the most up-to-date pending patches.

Despatched out a transient time ago had been a location of 53 patches beginning to enable DG2 and Xe_HP SDV platforms. The DG2 graphics card accommodates Xe_HPG 12.55 graphics IP and making employ of Xe_LPD v13 reward IP. Xe_LPD v13 reward IP is equivalent to what’s coming with Alder Lake P as their subsequent-gen reward block.

Xe_HP SDV within the period in-between is the software program style vehicle for their subsequent-gen accelerator card. XeHP SDV has Xe_HP 12.50 graphics IP with out a reward block. The Xe_HP patches bound on to reward that there are “masses of additional media engines” found with this hardware — four additional decode engines and two additional video enhancement engines.

These 53 patches sent out this day are comely the preliminary bits with further patches to formulation to if truth be told label the pork up “if truth be told usable” as these patches manufacture no longer yet provide multi-tile pork up, devoted compute engine bring-up, or varied bits.

In maintaining with the timing of this patch sequence, the Intel DG2 and Xe_HP SDV pork up must nonetheless commence landing within the Linux 5.15 kernel later this one year.

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