CentOS Hyperscale Workstation Sees Experimental OS Builds, More Changes Coming


Regarded as one of many thrilling initiatives taking scheme lately internal the CentOS camp has been the CentOS Hyperscale special hobby community that is backed by engineers from Twitter and Facebook in conjunction with other organizations. They’ve been making extra progress on offering their hyperscaler-focused packages/updates and even onto publishing a CentOS Hyperscale Workstation working plan image for attempting out.

The CentOS Hyperscaler effort has been working on higher fitting CentOS Circulation to sleek endeavor needs and through their repository working on things love backporting newer systemd versions and other key packages both as upgrades or what is no longer for the time being came across in CentOS/EPEL.

The CentOS Hyperscale SIG this day printed their Q2’2021 progress characterize where they famed their newest backport of systemd 248, a non-modular develop of LLVM 12 is on hand unless a modular version is equipped as a CentOS Circulation, and there’s a DNF/RPM setup with Btrfs reproduction-on-write give a enhance to. On the kernel front, the Hyperscale SIG is for the time being tracking the Linux 5.12 kernel to be used on CentOS. The community has also added a modified version of KPatch for live kernel patching.

Per chance most fun this quarter is the CentOS Hyperscale community now publishing experimental OS pictures / Are living DVDs of their CentOS Hyperscale wares pre-installed. That OS image is unruffled moderately venerable but they’re making progress.

Searching forward the hyperscalers are having a gaze at making their live media image ready for broader consumption, integrating Btrfs transactional updates as an optional characteristic, Hyperscale-enabled cloud pictures, and enabling FSVERITY give a enhance to internal RPM.

Catch out extra about this attention-grabbing CentOS effort through the mission’s weblog.

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