What Do You Want to See in the World of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

The Legend of Korra character Wan sits in deep concentration.

The story of Wan in The Story of Korra hints at how powerful more there is to rep.
Image: Nickelodeon

“Then, every thing changed when the Fire Nation attacked.” OK, nonetheless how precisely? That’s no doubt one of many a gargantuan sequence of, many questions that would moreover be answered in a future Avatar: The Final Airbender sequence, as creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino originate Nickelodeon’s Avatar Studios. The pair agree with hinted at years of ideas—each and each having its story and magnificence all around the sector of Avatar—nonetheless we’ve bought some ideas of our absorb.

“We desire each and each of those tasks to agree with its absorb feeling, its absorb tone and peep. It’ll all in actuality feel loyal to the Avatar world, nonetheless they’ll all be totally different expressions of it,” Konietzko acknowledged on Nickelodeon’s “Avatar: Braving the Parts” podcast.

In a present appearance on “Avatar: Braving the Parts,” hosted by The Story of Korra’s Janet Varney and Avatar: The Final Airbender’s Dante Basco, Konietzko and DiMartino discussed their plans for Avatar Studios. Following the creators’ exit from Netflix’s planned Avatar: The Final Airbender dwell-action sequence, Nickelodeon launched a complete division dedicated to constructing reveals, motion photographs, novels, and totally different properties all around the sector of Avatar. DiMartino shared how Nickelodeon has given him and Konietzko a gargantuan deal of inventive freedom to pursue tasks that topic to them, and to the sector of Avatar.

“The vogue we’re drawing shut it now could well well be so totally different than Avatar. We’re coming in now and we agree with unprecedented strengthen from Nickelodeon. It is a ways the franchise, the reveals and the inviting stuff, nonetheless moreover totally different stuff previous in publishing and podcasts,” he acknowledged. “We now agree with got all these ideas. And ideally we’re gonna rep to, over the years, detect all of them and create them. But it’ll gain an extended time.”

The pair were reluctant to chat about any of the ideas they’re percolating—all we know currently is that there’s a stout-size inviting movie in the works—nonetheless Konietzko famed how they’re taking a ask at each and each the “history and future” of Avatar’s world. That’s fairly a gargantuan differ, spanning hundreds of years and endless Avatar regenerations. To this level (other than the books and graphic novels), we’ve been mostly exiguous to the events of Avatar: The Final Airbender and partner sequence The Story of Korra, which took verbalize after Avatar Aang’s death. The postulate of attending to pass abet (or forward) a complete bunch or even hundreds of years guarantees such an infinite playground. Game of Thrones, admire your heart out.

G/O Media could well moreover rep a commission

“We simply abet tapping into this wellspring in the formula that inspires us, and discovering gargantuan inventive partners to work with us and to reduction us detect these ideas. Mike and I in actuality agree with kind of mapped out a in actuality daring, multi-tiered—I don’t know, it feels fancy a gargantuan octopus,” Konietzko acknowledged. “We’re simply taking a ask at how we are able to pass deeper into this gargantuan, prosperous, largely untapped history and future in the Avatar world. There are ideas that we’ve been severe about for an extended time, that we’re in the ruin attending to in actuality dive into. And then there’s issues that we’re simply determining, simply getting severe about. If we were simply attempting to gain requests, it’s no longer the formula to cut out a gargantuan chronicle universe.”

Definite, Konietzko acknowledged they’re no longer taking requests for trace and movie ideas—nonetheless that’s no longer going to quit us from making solutions! In my thought, I’d wish to ask the story of the 2d Avatar, after Wan. We learned about Wan in The Story of Korra and the scheme he grew to change into the First Avatar, nonetheless I’d wish to ask the first reincarnation. How did they react to being the first individual born with this huge accountability of sustaining balance between the physical and religious worlds—and, likely more importantly, how did the sector react to them? I’d moreover wish to listen to your ideas (and fanfic) for increasing the sector of Avatar in future reveals and movies. Let me know in the feedback!

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