Netflix Pulls NSA-Themed Show in Vietnam Over Offensive Maps

Scene from the Netflix show Pine Gap, showing one of the maps that the government of Vietnam took issue with.

Scene from the Netflix explain Pine Gap, exhibiting regarded as one of many maps that the govtof Vietnam took topic with.
Screenshot: Netflix

Netflix has pulled a explore drama known as Pine Gap from the video streaming platform in Vietnam after the govtcomplained about maps that appear in no longer decrease than two episodes. The maps are a “misrepresentation of Vietnam’s sovereignty,” in accordance with officials in Hanoi.

The maps in Pine Gap consist of the so-known as nine-scramble line, which appears to be like on maps promoted by the Chinese language govt. The maps explain China’s claim to water and islands in the South China Sea, something Vietnam doesn’t acknowledge.

It’s no longer decrease than the third time Vietnam’s govt has complained to Netflix about maps exhibiting the nine-scramble line, which appears to be like in an unaltered screenshot from this diagram above in pink, and annotated in yellow below.

“Netflix’s violations angered and anguish the emotions of your entire of us of Vietnam,” Vietnam’s Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Recordsdata said on Thursday, in accordance with a file from Reuters.

Scene from the third episode of the TV show Pine Gap showing the nine-dash line.

Scene from the third episode of the TV explain Pine Gap exhibiting the nine-scramble line.
Screenshot: Netflix/Gizmodo

G/O Media would possibly presumably perchance also unbiased rep a commission

Pine Gap is a fictional portrayal of the very true U.S. explore facility positioned in the heart of Australia. The true Pine Gap used to be created with an settlement between the U.S. and Australian governments in 1966 and has been extinct since the first Frigid War to amass signals intelligence for the Five Eyes explore alliance. It’s extra or much less the CIA and NSA’s hub for hoovering up data from all of Asia.

The two episodes of Pine Gap in quiz, both the second and third in the sequence, temporarily explain maps that consist of the nine-scramble line. Several countries in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and the Philippines, don’t acknowledge China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea. China on a conventional basis spars with countries over even the smallest incursions into what the Chinese language Communist Social gathering sees as its territory.

As Reuters notes, authorities in Vietnam banned the DreamWorks engrossing movie Abominable in 2019 over maps exhibiting the nine-scramble line. Vietnam has also taken topic with nine-scramble line maps in a Chinese language explain known as Attach Your Head on My Shoulder, which has been pulled from Netflix, in addition to the U.S. sequence “Madam Secretary,” which is accrued accessible in the country.

The nine-scramble line that appears to be like in Attach Your Head on My Shoulder, flashes on display conceal for roughly one second and is exhausting to find out, as you would perchance presumably perchance presumably also explore in the screenshot Gizmodo captured below from the ninth episode of the sequence.

Scene from the Chinese TV show Put Your Head on My Shoulder featuring a quick shot of the nine-dash line.

Scene from the Chinese language TV explain Attach Your Head on My Shoulder that features a fleet shot of the nine-scramble line.
Screenshot: Netflix

“Following a written accurate question from the Vietnamese regulator, now we have eliminated the licensed sequence, Pine Gap, from Netflix in Vietnam, to conform with local legislation. It stays accessible on our service in the the relaxation of the enviornment,” a Netflix spokesperson informed Gimzodo early Friday by plan of email.

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