California Highway Patrol tickets driver with apparent SpaceX Starlink dish bolted to car hood

California Toll road Patrol Officer T. Caton

A California Toll road Patrol officer pulled over a automobile on Friday that had a satellite tv for computer dish bolted to the automobile’s hood, and the tool seemed as if it will perhaps probably be one of SpaceX’s Starlink antennas.

“Sir I stopped you this day for that visual obstruction in your hood. Does it no longer block your peek whereas riding?” CHP of Antelope Valley wrote in a Fb submit about the incident.

CHP added that the motorist spoke back: “Ultimate after I make correct turns.”

California Toll road Patrol Officer T. Caton

A representative of the legislation enforcement company instructed CNBC that the motorist, riding a Toyota Prius, bought a put for a transferring violation. The motorist instructed CHP that they frail the antenna to secure Wi-Fi carrier for a industry they feature out of the automobile.

SpaceX did in some intention respond to CNBC’s seek records from for negate.

The contents of the Starlink Kit for customers, which entails the satellite tv for computer antenna dish, a stand, its vitality offer, and a WiFi router.


Starlink is the company’s capital-intensive mission to invent an interconnected internet community with hundreds of satellites, identified within the region industry as a constellation, designed to articulate high-tempo internet to consumers wherever on the planet.

The “Starlink Kit” that is sent to customers entails four foremost parts: The user terminal (frequently identified because the antenna), a tripod mount, a Wi-Fi router, and a vitality offer. SpaceX additionally gives rooftop mounting alternate choices for one more price.

SpaceX first rolled out the carrier with a beta program for intention conclude consumers for $99 a month closing October, and within the past one year has sought regulatory approval to test the community inflight and lengthen the carrier to spacious transferring autos, admire ships and vans – however the antenna for autos is anticipated to peruse a shrimp bit diversified than the dish for the time being sent to users at dwelling.

Elon Musk favorite earlier this week that SpaceX now has about 70,000 active users of Starlink, and need to peaceable grow to “perhaps over 500,000 users internal 12 months.”

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