Afghanistan: Two decades of the US at Bagram base

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image captionUS soldiers earlier than provocative Christmas dinner at Bagram in 2001

For the US and Nato, the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan has been the epicentre of the battle against the Taliban and al-Qaeda for some 20 years.

The US-led coalition forces moved in at some point soon of December 2001, and it became developed into a huge terrifying kindly of conserving up to 10,000 troops.

Now they’ve left as President Joe Biden vows to receive all US forces long gone by 11 September.

The Taliban receive welcomed info of the withdrawal from the terrifying.

The Afghan militia will now prefer over Bagram as portion of its ongoing fight against the Taliban.

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image captionAn navy sergeant fingers out flyers to native young folk intention the terrifying in Would perchance 2002

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image captionAn American solider jokes with locals exterior the terrifying in December 2001

The airfield became built by the Soviet Union within the 1950s, turning into its main terrifying within the 1980s as it defended its occupation of Afghanistan.

The US inherited the terrifying when it overthrew the Taliban in 2001. Bagram became in ruins after being abandoned, but the People rebuilt the terrifying and it lastly grew to around 30 square miles (77 sq km).

It is a ways served by two runways, the most contemporary of which is awfully perfect extra than two miles long, where colossal cargo and bomber plane can land.

At one point it boasted swimming swimming pools, cinemas and spas – and even rapid-meals outlets corresponding to Burger King and Pizza Hut.

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image captionUS soldiers return to Bagram from the combating in jap Afghanistan in March 2002

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image captionGeorge W Bush poses with troops at the terrifying in March 2006

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image captionA Burger King trailer is introduced to Bagram in 2004

Bagram included a reformatory for folk detained by US forces at the peak of the conflict, which turned is named Afghanistan’s Guantanamo – after the cross US militia reformatory in Cuba.

It became one of many web sites identified in a US Senate characterize on the CIA’s interrogation of al-Qaeda suspects, collectively with the yell of torture, performed in detention facilities.

George W Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump all visited the terrifying at some point soon of their tenures as president.

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image captionAmerican soldiers guard the positioning of a suicide attack at the terrifying in June 2006

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image captionAn American soldier holds his head at some point soon of prayers at the terrifying to tag the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks

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image captionBagram terrifying in 2013

About 650 US troops are expected to stay within the nation, the Linked Press reports, to supply safety for diplomats and aid guard Kabul’s world airport, an important transport hub for the landlocked nation.

The flexibility of Afghan forces to lift management of the terrifying can even very nicely be an important in putting forward security in Kabul and retaining stress on the Taliban.

The exit of foreign forces from Bagram terrifying “symbolises that Afghanistan is by myself, abandoned, and left to defend itself against the Taliban’s onslaught”, Afghanistan knowledgeable Nishank Motwani suggested the Reuters info agency.

“Having reached residence, People and allied forces will now look what they fought so stressful to construct over 20 years burn down from afar and shining that the Afghan ladies and males folk they fought with risk shedding every thing.”

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image captionA man holds up a teddy endure as folk behold for useable devices at a junkyard subsequent to the terrifying closing month

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image captionAn Aghan ladies folk walks past the terrifying on Thursday

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image captionAfghan National Military (ANA) soldiers stand guard at a checkpoint exterior the Bagram terrifying in April this yr

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