Lydall testing air filter system to convert CO2 into oxygen on Mars with NASA rover, CEO says

A filtration supplies company that watched its stock upward push amid the need for conserving tools to give protection to towards Covid-19 is testing ways to make respiratory that you are going to be in a attach to snort on one other planet.

Lydall, which the federal authorities shriveled to back have faith up the U.S. stockpile of internal most protection tools, supplied the Nationwide Aeronautics and Residence Administration with HEPA-grade filtration media that’s being primitive to construct oxygen on Mars, per CEO Sara Greenstein.

“We’re no longer simplest conserving of us and the atmosphere on Earth, we’re initiating to attain it on Mars as effectively,” GreensteinĀ told CNBC’s Jim Cramer Monday.

In February, NASA grabbed nationwide headlines after landing the six-wheel rover Perseverance on Mars. The rover is geared up with filtration media made by Lydall, which is discovering out ways to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen that would per chance well even be handy for human experience to the purple planet.

Greenstein said on “Mad Cash” that Lydall’s HEPA-grade filtration media, known as the Mars Oxygen In-Situ Helpful resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) module, is attach in on the rover and is showing some signs of success.

“What the MOXIE module is doing … [is] strolling all the blueprint by the Mars floor filtering all the CO2 out of the Martian air and attempting to flip it into oxygen so that for future manned landings we have not got to allege saved oxygen up. And it be working,” she said. “They’ve been in a attach to steal ample oxygen for an astronaut to be up there for 10 minutes already.”

NASA announced last month that it ran the major of a lot of checks the usage of MOXIE, which become designed to generate about 20 minutes of breathable oxygen per hour for astronauts, per the press liberate.

Shares of the company rose in Monday trading to $37.11, putting the have faith up more than 23% up to now this year.