Tesla vs. Lucid: Here’s how the EV rivals are and aren’t alike

Porsche, Audi, Fashioned Motors and assorted established automakers are attempting to get on Tesla with splashy unique electrical autos, however the first staunch competition from an upstart also can reach from Lucid Motors, a firm trail by a extinct chief engineer on the Tesla Mannequin S.

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson is following his extinct boss Elon Musk’s playbook in terms of production, some skills, dealerships and provider. However or not it is charting a distinct course on electrical vehicle charging stations, automatic riding systems and promoting.

Right here’s how Lucid, which supplied plans final week to head public thru a SPAC deal, and Tesla evaluate with every assorted:


Unlike some more moderen electrical vehicle companies, Lucid plans to fabricate all of its autos in-dwelling worship Tesla does lately.

Rawlinson believes “vertically integrating manufacturing is how to head,” he said in an interview. The comments echoed remarks on a Lucid investor name final week.

“The easy truth is that manufacturing, making sure the quality of our product is correct, is too precious, too serious, an process to entrust to a third birthday party,” he informed customers. “We private to manipulate our secure destiny.”

Lucid is building a value unique, “greenfield” automobile plant in Arizona which charges billions of greenbacks. When Tesla started its secure vehicle assembly, it took over the NUMMI factory that develop to be as soon as dwelling to Fashioned Motors and Toyota Motor in California.


Lucid struck a address LG Chem to form battery cells, essentially the most costly a part of any electrical vehicle, for its identical outdated battery packs for the Air. The firm said this could advise extra suppliers one day.

Tesla already has deals with Panasonic, Samsung, LG and CATL for cell provide for every and every its battery packs and energy storage merchandise including the Powerwall.

Lucid has said it plans to fabricate energy storage merchandise, each and every dwelling batteries and utility-scale devices, too. However Lucid received’t private the distraction and capital burdens of running a solar replace, worship Tesla has completed since shopping SolarCity in the autumn of 2016.

Tesla’s historical past with battery provide partners could indicate an help for Tesla shut to-term.

Thru its longstanding partnership with Panasonic, Tesla locked in undisclosed pricing terms to boot to investments from the Jap battery maker. Collectively, they secure and operate a large battery plant outdoor of Reno, Nevada.

Tesla makes the battery packs for its autos on one aspect of the factory whereas Panasonic produces cells for them on the assorted aspect. Then again, Tesla informed customers in September that it started producing its secure cells at a pilot plant in Fremont, California, as properly.

Lucid expects to form extra than 500,000 autos per twelve months by 2030. Musk, who is well-known for declaring formidable plans however missing self-imposed factors in time, has said Tesla will “doubtless” form 20 million electrical autos a twelve months sooner than 2030.

Closing twelve months, Tesla produced 509,737 electrical autos, with deliveries panicked of half of 1,000,000 even amid a world slowdown in auto sales attributable to the Covid pandemic.

Assign and battery efficiency

Rawlinson expects the Lucid Air to be the catalyst for a lineup of future all-electrical autos, including an SUV beginning production in early 2023 and additional realistic autos down the motorway.

To open, Lucid plans to sell a excessive-raze version of its Lucid Air sedan, the Dream edition, for $169,000.

By comparison, Tesla sells its Mannequin S sedan for $79,990 for the irascible model and $139,990 for the absolute best-raze Plaid version (with out including Tesla’s $10,000 top price instrument upgrade).

By 2022, Lucid is expected to offer a version of the Air beginning at $77,400, which could maybe straight away compete with quite a bit of Tesla devices. The pricing excludes federal tax credits price up to $7,500 which could be readily available to Lucid potentialities however not Tesla customers lately.

It’s unclear at this time righteous how low Lucid pricing could amble after its first two autos are out in the marketplace.

Rawlinson said the firm’s next deliberate vehicle platform ceaselessly is the irascible for more cost-effective devices in the $40,000 to $45,000 differ. However he isn’t determined the firm will ever offer a vehicle for spherical $25,000, which Musk said Tesla intends to elevate out.

“Within the longer and the fuller timescale, will we the truth is assemble a $25,000 automobile worship Tesla’s planning on doing with its Mannequin 2?” Rawlinson said. “My gaze is, as a firm, I divulge we’re doubtless seven or eight years away from being in a space to head trying one thing worship that. That’s an large endeavor.”

Rawlinson claims Lucid has industry-main battery skills for its autos. His well-known measure is the efficiency of Lucid’s batteries by miles per kilowatt hour pushed.

Lucid says its autos are fine of extra than 4.5 miles per kilowatt hour, whereas the firm says Tesla’s Mannequin S Lengthy Fluctuate is greater than 4.

EV charging

Lucid has no plans to brand and operate its secure charging community worship Tesla has completed with its Superchargers, according to Rawlinson. “Will we are attempting to private the capital burden of a rapidly charging community? No, we are in a position to head asset gentle in that. That’s the set up we are in a position to save cash,” he said.

Tesla Supercharger Station

CNBC | Andrew Evers

Barely than building its secure vehicle charging infrastructure, Lucid has partnered with Volkswagen-owned Electrify The US, which expects to private 800 total charging set up internet sites with about 3,500 chargers by the raze of this twelve months.

Tesla currently operates extra than 20,000 Superchargers globally, according to its online internet page.

Lucid, worship Tesla, says this could offer potentialities dwelling charging devices.

Self-riding tech

Through establishing driverless vehicle skills, Elon Musk has famously known as lidar, or gentle ranging and detection sensors, “a idiot’s errand.” The sensors work by the utilization of pulsed lasers to brand one thing worship a stay, 3D map of a vehicle’s atmosphere that could even be learn by onboard pc systems.

Many self ample systems engineers assume lidar is serious for making autos essentially driverless. Barely than lidar, Tesla’s driver-help systems and long-awaited self-riding factors rely on a bunch of varied onboard cameras and sensors including radar. Rawlinson believes that different is a mistake.

“Will we assume that lidar desires to be a part of the sensor suite for (self ample autos)? Yes, we provide out,” Rawlinson said.

Lucid has said that the Air sedan, which develop to be delayed from this spring to the 2d half of of this twelve months, will affirm lidar in its sensor suite for advanced driver-help systems. The firm expects the skills to save “a unique benchmark” for the industry.

Tesla sells a top price, advanced, automatic riding machine for its autos for $10,000 lately, with plans to roll out a subscription choice, too. While it is marketed as “Paunchy Self Using,” the machine’s factors elevate out not enable a essentially driverless, arms-free and unsupervised amble.

As an different, FSD permits factors beyond Tesla’s identical outdated Autopilot equipment. These consist of properly-organized navigation, automatic lane altering and properly-organized summon. With Dapper Summon a driver can name their automobile out of a parking procedure the utilization of their cell phone worship a distant preserve an eye on.

Tesla autos lack a well-known driver monitoring machine, which can detect whether a driver is the utilization of their systems responsibly.

Within the meantime, Lucid has promised to consist of a driver monitoring machine in its autos that will doubtless be obvious drivers are the utilization of their advanced, automatic riding systems as prescribed, staying attentive to the motorway and their atmosphere, prepared to manually steer at any time.

Advertising and marketing and marketing and sales

Tesla has develop to be one of many enviornment’s easiest-known automotive manufacturers with out the utilization of identical outdated promoting. It has as an different generated hype and a spotlight thru splashy occasions, non-identical outdated social media engagement, Tesla on-line forums and owners’ clubs, and nearly constant engagement by Elon Musk himself with followers and shareholders. Musk has cultivated a following of about 50 million on Twitter, as an illustration.

Lucid, against this, ran a national tv advertising and marketing campaign from Dec. 25 thru the raze of January for the Air to generate awareness of the firm and vehicle. Rawlinson said the form of advertising and marketing campaign wasn’t essentially a part of Lucid’s plans till the coronavirus pandemic final twelve months pressured the firm to raze quite a bit of occasions.

Internal of the Lucid Air reward automobile, which is expected to be produced beginning in 2021.


“I believed, properly, dammit we’ll private to because we could not procure the message out,” Rawlinson said. “So, we had a little bit foray into that, and I divulge that is been reasonably obvious. So, I don’t rule that out righteous because Tesla would not elevate out it.”

Lucid also embraces Tesla’s grunt-to-client sales and provider devices as an different of promoting thru identical outdated franchise dealerships.

Lucid already has six retail locations beginning in California and Florida. It plans to operate 20 retail locations and provider companies in North The US by the raze of this twelve months to boot to promoting its autos on-line. Tesla has about 160 retail locations in the U.S., according to its online internet page.