Enjoyed A Major Overhaul In 2020, Significant Growth


This month marks ten years since in the origin went on-line as section of Phoronix Test Suite 3.0 sing (despite the incontrovertible fact that didn’t officially start till February 2011). In 2020 alongside Phoronix Test Suite 10.0 came a important give a enhance to because the ideal in its historic previous. As 2020 wraps up, right here’s a see on the sing by the numbers. continues taking half in amazing sing for main initiate-source, fully-automated, multi-platform sorting out and benchmarking. This year’s important update to improved the usability, take a look at/benchmark discoverability, extra with out complications finding out how given parts invent in hundreds of tests, and diverse facets. Transferring into 2021 with succeeding Phoronix Test Suite 10.x quarterly updates are extra facets planned. is ending 2020 with 12.3 million definite benchmark results / data components gentle all the intention in which during the last ten years by Phoronix Test Suite customers. Over closing year there absorb been roughly two million benchmark results made on hand on This quantity true is for those who decide-in to publicly uploading their benchmark results on and now no longer along with those who fabricate now no longer publish their benchmarks, equivalent to those within organizations, etc, so the total Phoronix Test Suite sing is seriously larger.

For many who decide-in to the anonymous usage reporting, has gentle benchmark escape statistics on larger than 17.8 million benchmark runs during the Phoronix Test Suite. For 2020 right here’s roughly statistics on three million extra runs being reported by those opting into the anonymous usage reporting.

This year crossed offering larger than 600 queer take a look at profiles for Phoronix Test Suite customers. There are 619 definite take a look at profiles (benchmarks) that can also be escape during the Phoronix Test Suite all over many diverse subsystems and areas of curiosity depending upon your deepest needs/interests. Bigger than 100 take a look at profiles were added all the intention in which during the last year.

This year marks larger than two thousand take a look at profile revisions in total (300 all the intention in which during the last year) in fresh tests plus updates to existing tests for along with fresh functionality, updating in opposition to fresh upstream procedure versions, etc.

Gaze for noteworthy extra sing and spicy facets coming to it and the initiate-source Phoronix Test Suite benchmarking procedure in 2021.

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