Star Trek: Prodigy’s First Trailer Goes Where No Kid Has Gone Before

The experimental Federation starship U.S.S. Protostar lies abandoned on an unknown, crystalline planet.

A broad current ship requires some broad current adventures.
Screenshot: Paramount+

We’ve had glimpses and teases all the contrivance in which via the final twelve months or so of what Prodigy needs to bring to the Superstar Journey franchise, however now, we’ve lastly acquired a explore of it in motion: teasing the contrivance in which forward for Superstar Journey will most certainly be indicate in some sparkling young issues… with a diminutive wait on from a acquainted face.

Published at Paramount+’s Journey-tacular San Diego Humorous-Con @ Residence panel, providing engaging insights into the debuts of Prodigy and the second season of Superstar Journey: Decrease Decks, the teaser introduces us to the no longer seemingly alien heroes of the negate, who seek for the abandoned experimental ship U.S.S. Protostar within the Delta quadrant and judge to spend it as their very possess contrivance to explore the stars. But when the ship’s practicing hologram, a replica of iconic Voyager captain Kathryn Janeway (voiced by the returning Kate Mulgrew) is activated, our young bridge crew earn themselves being shaped by Starfleet’s ideals as they be taught to work collectively no longer to proper continue to exist proudly owning their very possess starship, however the expend of it to seek for the wonders—and dangers—among the stars. Take a look at out the trailer below—world viewers can seek for it here.

Alongside Mulgrew’s return as one of Journey’s most animated captains (albeit in holographic set aside), Superstar Journey: Prodigy stars Brett Grey, Ella Purnell, Rylee Alazraqui, Dee Bradley Baker, Angus Imrie, and Jason Mantzoukas as the alien teen protagonists: Dal (of an unknown species), Gwyn (a brand current-to-Journey Vau N’Kat), Rok-Tahk (a Brikar from the TNG novels), Murf (an unknown blob-devour being), Zero (a non-binary Medusan), and Jankom Pog (a Tellarite), respectively. The series, originally space to debut on Nickelodeon, will now premiere later this Plunge on Paramount+, ahead of heading to the youth’s network after Prodigy concludes on streaming.

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