The Newest Master of the Universe Is Her Own Revelation

Masters of the Universe: Revelation's Orko, Andra, Teela, Roboto, and Evil-Lyn are all looking at something.

From left to appropriate: Orko, Andra, Teela, Roboto, and Unfriendly-Lyn.
Image: Netflix

Even basically the most diehard of He-Man followers would be pressed to know showcase of Andra. The personality entirely regarded in a handful of Marvel’s Masters of the Universe comics in the mid-‘80s, most of them as a short cameo. However that changes in Netflix and Kevin Smith’s Revelation, the put the lieutenant of the Eternian guard joins Teela on an unexpected crawl—one who turns Andra into one amongst the showcase’s most indispensable characters.

Revelation is de facto a adore letter to the fashioned sequence, and I mediate having [a new] personality is de facto the doorway for the viewers in barely loads of how into this recent space,” says speak actor Tiffany Smith. “You meet Andra and she’s with a special model of Teela, or in a special section of Teela’s existence. And I mediate that’s magnificent an awfully easy gateway entrance help into the sphere.”

The motive Andra is so indispensable to Revelation is 2-fold. The first is that the recent Netflix sequence has been billed as a continuation of the nearly 40-one year-same outdated fashioned He-Man and the Masters of the Universe caricature particularly, so any personality that can act as a surrogate for any recent viewers participants is steadily well-known. Despite the indisputable truth that she’s accompanying her ultimate friend Teela (performed by Sarah Michelle Gellar, who we additionally spoke to), Andra is coming into the sphere of the Masters of the Universe and their fight against Skeletor magnificent as recent viewers will be.

The 2nd motive is that Andra brings some more (grand-wanted) diversity to the classic ‘80s franchise. “It’s additionally indubitably chilly because for me, you realize, rising up, staring at cartoons, there weren’t a ton of characters on the show hide hide that looked cherish me,” says Smith. “In an effort to amplify the [MotU] universe even more and making it more various, I mediate that used to be gracious and I’m so happy that I get to be a section of it, because yes, I watched the caricature rising up!”

Having seen Revelation’s first 5 episodes (and without spoiling the leisure), I will be capable of divulge Andra is a mountainous addition to the classic caricature’s canon and one amongst the highlights of Kevin Smith’s caricature—and Tiffany Smith is one amongst Revelation’s finest speak actors, besides. If Netflix does arrangement to a call to renew the sequence after season one ends, Masters of the Universe will be better for having Andra and Smith as section of it.

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The first half of Masters of the Universe: Revelation debuts on Netflix on July 23. Will you be checking it out?

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