Hasbro’s New Power Rangers Figure Just Wants to Know What’s for Lunch

Hasbro's Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Pudgy Pig figure holds a knife and fork next to his lunch box.

Appears to be like relish Rangers are assist on the menu! And tacos, too.
Image: Hasbro

Vitality Rangers’ monsters of the week served up among the wildest, most unearthly villain designs a child would possibly perhaps maybe well bag on ‘90s TV. Whereas we take into accout the Most involving of Bads, there are few normal MMPR baddies that are burned into fans’ minds—relish Stout Pig—so it stands to reason that the porcine celeb is getting a with out a doubt special figure open.

io9’s inflamed to give you with an fresh first seek at the following entry in Hasbro’s Vitality Rangers Lightning Sequence monster series, heading to the company’s PulseCon fan tournament later this Three hundred and sixty five days. Stout Pig used to be the cherished villain of the Mighty Morphin’ episode “Meals Combat” whereby he, obviously, confounds the rangers by simply… eating their weapons. Unlike other fresh entries in the monster line, relish King Sphinx and Pumpkin Rapper, this figure is available in a with out a doubt special lunchbox-inspired little bit of packaging.

Contained in the box—lined with retro art that feels ripped out of the particular lunchboxes it is most likely you’ll maybe well bag at the height MMPR mania in the early ‘90s—the figure itself is in the 6″ scale, ready to suit alongside the relaxation of your Lightning Sequence figures. With the exception of his trademark fork and knife weapons—which attain with detachable SFX items—Stout also comes with some alternate fingers for posing, and about a meals items from the Angel Grove Youth Center’s cultural meals competition to scarf down: a taco, a pie, and a total plate of nachos (as lengthy as they’re now now not too spicy, obviously!).

G/O Media would possibly perhaps maybe well bag a rate

Stout Pig will value $45 when he becomes available to elevate as fragment of Hasbro’s PulseCon celebrations later this Three hundred and sixty five days. PulseCon 2021 is attach to open someday this fall, and it is most likely you’ll maybe well bag all of the for the time being supplied exclusives (and extra) at the Hasbro Pulse net attach.

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