Watch: Billionaire Richard Branson reaches space in his own ship


“The total thing, it used to be correct magical,” a joyful Branson said on his return aboard the radiant white assign airplane, named Team spirit.

This photograph provided by Virgin Galactic, shows the VSS Team spirit’s tail cone glimpse from assign on Sunday, July 11, 2021. Entrepreneur Richard Branson and 5 crewmates from his Virgin Galactic assign-tourism company reached an altitude of about 53 miles over the Original Mexico desolate tract, ample to trip three to four minutes of weightlessness and search for the curvature of the Earth. Virgin Galactic via AP


TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N.M. (AP) — Swashbuckling billionaire Richard Branson hurtled into assign aboard his possess winged rocket ship Sunday, bringing astro-tourism a step nearer to actuality and beating out his exceedingly richer rival Jeff Bezos.

The almost about 71-one year-extinct Branson and 5 crewmates from his Virgin Galactic assign-tourism company reached an altitude of 53.5 miles (86 kilometers) over the Original Mexico desolate tract — ample to trip three to four minutes of weightlessness and behold the curvature of the Earth — after which glided encourage home to a runway landing.

“The total thing, it used to be correct magical,” a joyful Branson said on his return aboard the radiant white assign airplane, named Team spirit.

The transient, up-and-down flight — the assign airplane’s part took most attention-grabbing about 15 minutes, or about as prolonged as Alan Shepard’s first U.S. spaceflight in 1961 — used to be a splashy and unabashedly business stride for Virgin Galactic, which plans to birth taking paying potentialities on joyrides next one year.

Branson grew to turn into the fundamental particular person to blast off in his possess spaceship, beating Bezos, the richest particular person within the arena, by 9 days. He also grew to turn into the second septuagenarian to stride into assign. Astronaut John Glenn flew on the shuttle at age 77 in 1998.

Bezos despatched his congratulations, adding: “Can’t wait to affix the club!” — though he also took to Twitter a pair of days earlier to enumerate the strategies in which be believes his company’s vacationer rides will almost definitely be better.

With about 500 folk staring at, along with Branson’s family, Team spirit used to be carried aloft below a twin-fuselage airplane. Then, at an altitude of about 8 1/2 miles (13 kilometers), Team spirit aloof from the mother ship and fired its engine, reaching more than Mach 3, or three instances the tempo of sound, because it pierced the sting of assign.

Spectators cheered, jumped into the air and embraced as the rocket airplane touched down on Earth. Branson pumped his fists as he stepped out onto the runway and ran toward his family, like-hugging his well-known other and children and scooping up his grandchildren in his arms.

Mike Moses, a high govt at Virgin Galactic, said that moreover some complications with the transmission of video photography from internal the cabin, the flight used to be ideal, and the ship looked pristine.

“That used to be a necessary accomplishment,” extinct Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, a one-time commander of the World House Predicament, said from the sidelines. “I’m correct so jubilant at what this originate door goes to consequence in now. It’s a mountainous moment.”

Virgin Galactic conducted three outdated test flights into assign with crews of correct two or three.

The flamboyant, London-born founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways wasn’t presupposed to soar until later this summer. But he assigned himself to an earlier flight after Bezos announced plans to mosey his possess rocket into assign from Texas on July 20, the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Branson denied he used to be attempting to outdo Bezos.

Branson’s a bunch of chief rival within the assign-tourism speed among the many arena’s richest men, SpaceX’s Elon Musk, came to Original Mexico to glimpse and congratulated Branson for a “honest real-attempting flight.”

Bezos’ Blue Origin company intends to ship vacationers past the so-called Karman line 62 miles (100 kilometers) above Earth, which is neatly-known by worldwide aviation and aerospace federations as the brink of assign.

But NASA, the Air Force, the Federal Aviation Administration and some astrophysicists take point to of the boundary between the ambiance and assign to birth 50 miles (80 kilometers) up.

The dangers to Branson and his crew were underscored in 2007, when a rocket motor test in California’s Mojave Barren situation left three workers dead, and in 2014, when a Virgin Galactic rocket airplane broke apart throughout a test flight, killing one pilot and severely injuring the a bunch of.

Ever the showman, Branson insisted on a worldwide livestream of the Sunday morning flight and invited celebrities and extinct assign living astronauts to the corporate’s Spaceport The US unlucky in Original Mexico. R&B singer Khalid performed his contemporary single “Original Frequent” — a nod to the dawning of assign tourism — while CBS “Gradual Cloak” host Stephen Colbert served as master of ceremonies.

Sooner than climbing aboard, Branson, who has kite-surfed the English Channel and tried to circle the arena in a hot-air balloon, signed the astronaut log ebook and wisecracked: “The title’s Branson. Sir Richard Branson. Astronaut Double-oh-one. License to thrill.”

But requested in a while whether he’s planning to any extent extra adventures, Branson said he’ll “no doubt give it a relaxation within the meantime” because “I’m no longer obvious it could per chance well be horny to position my family via one other one.” He said he thinks he holds the narrate for being pulled out of the sea 5 instances by helicopter.

Virgin Galactic already has more than 600 reservations from would-be assign vacationers, with tickets within the muse costing $250,000 apiece. And upon his return to Earth, Branson announced a sweepstakes drawing for two seats on a Virgin Galactic jaunt. Blue Origin is awaiting Bezos’ flight forward of announcing its ticket prices.

Kerianne Flynn, who signed up in 2011 to soar with Virgin Galactic, had butterflies forward of the launch Sunday.

“I possess there’s going to be nothing like going up there and taking a look encourage down on the Earth, which is what I possess I’m most taking into consideration,” she said. She added: “Optimistically the following generations will almost definitely be in a assign to acquire what’s up there.”

Blue Origin and Musk’s SpaceX both soar Apollo-vogue, the utilize of capsules atop rockets, as a replace of an air-launched, reusable assign airplane.

SpaceX, which is already launching astronauts to the assign living for NASA and building moon and Mars ships, plans to take vacationers on more than correct transient, up-and-down trips. Prospects will as a replace stride into orbit throughout the Earth for days, with seats costing successfully into the thousands and thousands. The company’s first deepest flight is made up our minds for September.

Musk himself has no longer committed to going into assign anytime quickly.

The Connected Press Effectively being and Science Department receives support from the Howard Hughes Scientific Institute’s Department of Science Education. The AP is solely guilty for all vow.

Dunn reported from Cape Canaveral, Fla.

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