Massive 16TB External SSD Drive Is Eclipsed by Its Even Heftier Price Tag

Whereas you desire your files to be mobile, robust-speak flash memory is how to proceed, providing more bound and durability than used laborious drives. Dinky capacities bear in the past hindered their adoption, but Sabrent has solved that by cramming two SSDs into its new funds-breaking 16TB Rocket XTRM-Q.

With two eight terabyte SSD drives interior an aluminum enclosure, the Rocket XTRM-Q isn’t as compact as smaller skill flash memory drives treasure Needed’s X6 that put collectively to squeeze four terabytes correct down to the dimensions of a matchbook. The dual drives also plan more energy than most exterior SSDs, so treasure the exterior drive days of yore, the Sabrent 16TB Rocket XTRM-Q would require its dangle separate energy provide, but that’s integrated.

Every drive guarantees up to 1,400 MB/s write speeds, which diagram that when the 16TB Rocket XTRM-Q is put up with a RAID 0 configuration, where files is written to both drives on the similar time, write speeds can hit up to 2,800 MB/s. Whereas you prioritize the protection and safety of your files, nonetheless, the drive would possibly per chance presumably per chance also put up in a RAID 1 configuration, where each drive holds a copy of the similar files, but which diagram the skill is halved to eight terabytes as a replacement. A third configuration, JBOD (honest a bunch of disks), will most likely be available, which writes to each drive sequentially so that you just have the maximum skill with slower write speeds, however the added profit of no longer losing your entire files must serene one amongst the two SSDs fail.

Whereas you bear been doing spit takes on the Needed X6 4TB SSD’s $490 tag, you’ll desire to gain obvious that to swallow with out reference to you’re ingesting sooner than reading the rest of this paragraph. The 16TB Rocket XTRM-Q is listed at $3,300 on Sabrent’s online online page, whereas Amazon currently has it at $2,900. Given you would possibly per chance presumably per chance per chance also additionally snag a four terabyte Western Digital laborious drive for about $70 on Amazon correct now, for the similar mark as Sabrent’s new SSD you would possibly per chance presumably per chance per chance keep your self a 165TB drive array, but honest correct luck finding a pocket expansive ample to shield it round.

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