Two traders’ favorite Nasdaq 100 stocks that are significantly below their 52-week highs

With the Nasdaq 100 rebounding and no longer a ways off its yarn highs, several names in the tech-heavy index bear fallen thru the cracks. Baidu, Splunk, Zoom, Peloton and Tesla are all between 30% and 50% below their 52-week highs. 

In a Friday interview with CNBC’s “Trading Nation,” Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Administration picked his revival yarn. 

“I indulge in Peloton because to me, that is a secular success yarn,” stated the firm’s managing director of FX strategy. “I mediate Peloton is exclusively going to be abolish of the Netflix of the affirm world.”

Even as Covid restrictions ease and other folks start filing aid into gyms and indoor cycling studios, Schlossberg stated, “the convenience of Peloton is so compelling that I mediate they would possibly be able to protect their subscriber noxious.”

He called consideration to the intention the firm has innovated and revolutionized the affirm industry. He additionally stated he anticipated the firm to lower costs in the long shuffle while declaring and growing its customer noxious, as seen with many abilities-based companies.  

On high of this, Schlossberg stated the firm has a “first-mover serve” with its subscription-based model.

“Wall Side road likes to worth subscription products and services. That is the future digital financial system and that’s the reason what makes Peloton this form of compelling long-term make a choice,” he stated.

In the identical interview, Craig Johnson, senior technical examine analyst at Piper Sandler, stated that while he additionally cherished Peloton, he most well-appreciated Tesla out of that team.

Zooming into Tesla’s chart, Johnson stated the stock used to be consolidating.

With Tesla now about 30% off its highs, it appears to be in a trading vary, between about $500 per share on the lower discontinue and $900 per share on the upper discontinue, he stated.

“From my standpoint, you are going to just bear got 40-plus p.c upside, 17% downside,” he stated. “Right here’s a stock that I mediate can attain properly stepping into the second half of of the 12 months.”

Johnson additionally stated Tesla is properly cherished at Piper Sandler by senior examine analyst Alex Potter, who slapped a $1,200 tag target on the stock. That’s with regards to double the put it is miles trading on the present time.

“It seems indulge in the fundamentals and technicals appear to align right here,” Johnson stated.


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