Linux 5.14 Mainline Should Work With The Raspberry Pi 400


Launched final November used to be the Raspberry Pi 400 as a Raspberry Pi Keyboard Pc with effectively a Raspberry Pi 4 SBC embedded within the keyboard and connected to a huge aluminum block for cooling. It be a enormous small plan and initiating with Linux 5.14 appears to be like to be treasure it wish to be taking part in shining with the mainline kernel.

The Raspberry Pi 400 for $100 USD gets you the keyboard with the Raspberry Pi built-in that supplies 4GB of RAM, 1.8GHz quad-core Broadcom processor, 16GB storage, and connected peripherals to fill a fully-working computer and no longer wanting any extras besides a demonstrate.

Making the Raspberry Pi 400 map more unprejudiced correct-looking is that the mainline kernel enhance will almost certainly be here with Linux 5.14.

Queued into the SoC/SoC “for-subsequent” branch final week used to be the DeviceTree addition for the Raspberry Pi 400. No kernel driver adjustments had been wished since it be in general very halt to the Raspberry Pi 4 but the up so a ways DTS configuration is wished for the 1.8GHz clock fee, a a form of WiFi chip, energy off going thru by the utilization of GPIO, and no ACT LED on the 400 model.

So thanks to the bits now queued into SoC’s for-subsequent Git branch sooner than the Linux 5.14 kernel, the Raspberry Pi 400 enhance must silent now be unprejudiced correct to head. It be barely uncomfortable although it took so many months for this rather straight-ahead addition to be ready to head for mainline severely given the recognition of the Raspberry Pi hardware.

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