In Centaurworld’s First Trailer, a War Horse Swaps Battles for Ballads

She’s a fish out of water, except she’s a horse.

She’s a fish out of water, except she’s a horse.
Screenshot: Netflix

Even the most hardened troopers can’t face up to a small bit tune and dance. Netflix has launched the predominant trailer for Megan Nicole Dong’s (How To Declare Your Dragon 2) though-provoking spectacle Centaurworld, a pair of battle horse who embraces her inner diva to assign an worldwide full of queer magical centaurs.

Centaurworld stars Kimiko Glenn (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) as Horse, a gruff soldier struggling to outlive in a barren, harshly though-provoking desolate tract alongside her rider (Jessie Mueller)—when, , a magical amulet transports her to the out of the ordinary, vivid, and very musical world of Centaurworld. There she meets a bunch of centaurs who are half of-horse, half of-factual about every thing else. And, for some reason, they all hang long necks.

Horse works to get the missing objects for the magical workers wished to gain home as a creepy villain (that appears suspiciously relish Hexxus from FernGully) prepares to strike her rainbow-hued home. Nonetheless it absolutely’ll lift bigger than arrows, swords, and Samurai Jack-esque though-provoking battles to fight this enemy. She’ll hang to don the armor of a Centaurworld warrior: thigh-high boots, a protracted flowing mane, and pipes that might perhaps well attach Kelly Clarkson to disgrace.

Netflix debuted the trailer for the length of this year’s on-line Annecy session. As reported by Diversity, creator Dong shared how Centaurworld became impressed by her proper-life journey an Asian-American younger girl in Southern California. She talked about she became alleged to remain in additional tutorial pursuits in high college nonetheless strangely found herself in indicate choir thanks to a scheduling discipline—something that ended up changing her life.

“I became relish a fish out of water with all this smiling face stuff and jazz fingers, nonetheless it modified my life in a obvious formulation,” she talked about. “I fell in love with musical theatre and pursued a occupation in the humanities, and embraced my inventive aspect.”

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Centaurworld arrives on Netflix July 30.

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