Google + Canonical Bring Ubuntu Pro To Google Cloud


On the discontinue of 2019 “Ubuntu Professional” used to be presented as Ubuntu for Amazon’s EC2 cloud with ten years of equipment updates/safety, kernel livepatching, Canonical Panorama integration, and more. Google and Canonical are announcing right this moment time that Ubuntu Professional is now coming to Google Cloud.

Ubuntu Professional is now on hand with Google Cloud as their top price model of Ubuntu over the long-established Ubuntu Linux distribution that has continuously been on hand by means of Google’s public cloud.

Like with Ubuntu Professional for AWS, Ubuntu Professional for Google Cloud entails:

– Patching of excessive and severe CVEs for Ubuntu’s universe repository, which covers over 30,000 packages, including Node.js, MongoDB, Redis and Apache Kafka, to name about a.

– A 10 year maintenance dedication (For 18.04 LTS onwards. The maintenance interval for Ubuntu Professional 16.04 LTS is 8 years.)

– Dwell kernel patching, which presents VM cases elevated safety and better uptimes.

– Formally certified parts to enable operating environments below compliance regimes equivalent to FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and ISO.

– Choices to be on hand in H2 2021: Certified FIPS 140-2 parts; safety dashboard for Safety Expose Center, Managed Apps and more.

– The total long-established optimizations and safety updates included in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Professional is never always in fact completely free with Google Cloud but these top price photos would be purchased all the absolute top plan by means of the Google Cloud console.

With the embargo now lifted, extra recordsdata should always be on hand from

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