Cadillac Super Bowl ad: Winona Ryder and Timothée Chalamet star in ‘Edward Scissorhands’ reboot

A 60-2d Natty Bowl ad for Cadillac stars Timothée Chalamet, as Edward Scissorhands’s son, Edgar, and Winona Ryder, reprising her characteristic as Kim, who’s moreover Edgar’s mother.



Better than 30 years after starring with Johnny Depp in “Edward Scissorhands,” actress Winona Ryder is reprising her characteristic as his love curiosity in the 1990 movie for a Natty Bowl ad for Cadillac.

The 60-2d commercial, which was launched Sunday morning, stars Ryder as Kim and the mummy of Edgar Scissorhands, son of Depp’s personality who had smart metal scissors for fingers. Edgar, performed by Timothée Chalamet, inherited his father’s fingers as well to the challenges that come along with them.

All thru the ad, Edgar has issues functioning in day to day society due to the his scissorhands (alternatively, he makes a sexy factual sandwich artist). Ryder narrates the ad as Kim, who in a single scene sees her son playing a virtual actuality racing game. That supplies her the premise to salvage the presumably teenage boy a Cadillac Lyriq crossover, an upcoming all-electrical car from the company.

Why the Lyriq? Since it elements GM’s Natty Cruise driver-help gadget with fingers-free riding on more than 200,000 miles of roads in the U.S. and Canada. Edgar will tranquil favor to force on city streets, however it indubitably would likely mean much less ruin to the motive force cockpit on longer journeys.

“It is rare when a work you are delighted with continues to survive and evolve with the cases, even after 30 years,” Tim Burton, who directed the conventional movie, said in a assertion. “I’m contented to look Edgar coping with the original world! I hope both followers and these being launched to Edward Scissorhands for the principle time revel in it.”

Burton was interested and acted as a manual at some stage in filming of the ad, in step with Cadillac.

Prior to the ad being launched, GM Chief Advertising and marketing Officer Deborah Wahl described Natty Bowl commercials as needing to face out. Critically this year, she said everyone wants some humor after what most would retain in mind a tense year due to the the coronavirus pandemic.

Will Ferrell will enormous title in GM’s upcoming Natty Bowl commercial, an extension of the company’s “All individuals In” ad campaign for EVs.


The Cadillac ad is one of two 60-2d comedic ads that will air at some stage in the Natty Bowl for the automaker. The opposite space – known as “No Formulation, Norway” – elements actor Will Ferrell rallying fellow comedians Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina to wage a fight towards Norway regarding all-electrical autos.

GM final month launched a original corporate-level ad campaign – its first in more than a decade – centered on the automaker’s all-electrical car efforts, including 30 original fashions globally by 2025, including the Cadillac Lyriq at some stage in the principle quarter of next year.