Valve’s Steam Data For December Points To A Huge Dip For Linux Gaming Marketshare


Valve merely printed their Steam Seek for numbers for December 2020 and or no longer it is a gigantic letdown for Linux players if the numbers are indeed appropriate.

In accordance with the published numbers from Valve, the Linux marketshare on Steam represented merely 0.57%, or a descend of 0.33% in contrast to the month prior. The December 2020 figures reward Home windows picking up merely over 1.6% while macOS shedding 1.31% marketshare down to 2.14%. These numbers are a gigantic upset for both Linux and macOS gaming.

It be that you simply may possibly well well be contemplate these numbers are moderately off as we have seen many events in the previous where Valve later revises their numbers in step with varying explanations. Nonetheless it for run’s moreover that you simply may possibly well well be contemplate there used to be indeed a gigantic uptick in Home windows players all the contrivance in which by the holidays and diverse gaming gross sales, and heaps others. There are moreover some that continue to doubt Valve’s Steam Seek for ways, amongst varied concerns.

Nonetheless in spite of all the pieces with previously being at 0.9% and hoping to crack the 1.0% threshold soon for Steam Linux gaming, at this point the numbers are a disappointment for non-Home windows players.

Build you imagine the #Steam Seek for for #Linux #gaming marketshare will crack 1.0% for December?

— Phoronix (@phoronix) December 31, 2020

So as a minimum as of the Steam Seek for outcomes as printed now, the gaming on Linux marketshare is abet down to 0.57% after seeing a staunch rise since the introduction of Steam Play (Proton) for allowing many more video games on Linux.

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