Nouveau Sees Fix To Properly Handle Mini DP Connectors – Avoids GNOME Mutter Crashing


The open-supply NVIDIA “Nouveau” driver in Linux 5.11 did not gaze any thrilling facets but there’s now a patch pending for this DRM driver so this will at the very least tackle mini DisplayPort connections correctly.

Whereas Mini DisplayPort is lawful a miniaturized version of DisplayPort, a missing command test for the mDP connector became as soon as resulting in concerns.

This runt patch is most foremost for Nouveau to correctly tackle Mini DisplayPort outputs, which to this point became as soon as otherwise being acknowledged as Embedded DisplayPort. This prior habits caused troubles because it might per chance well end up causing the GNOME Converse compositor to wreck.

This lack of appropriate Mini Hide Port dealing with in Nouveau became as soon as pointed out by Lenovo’s Place Pearson who has been alive to with their effort on ensuring Linux runs correctly on their expanding tool portfolio the put apart Linux preloads are an option.

The patch will not be any longer yet mainlined but it is marked for help-porting to the stable sequence as soon because it be landed. The primary mDP connector give a clutch to has been about the most Nouveau excitement in Q4, sadly… Confidently in 2021 NVIDIA sooner or later has some a lot anticipated open-supply recordsdata to document.

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