Mesa 21.0 Has Finally Killed The Classic “SWRAST” Software Rasterizer


For years LLVMpipe has been around and not using a consideration software program-essentially based OpenGL implementation for these with out a working GPU / hardware driver toughen or desiring to take a look at slightly of GL code along a dealer-neutral path. LLVMpipe thanks to leveraging LLVM is extra performant than the frail Mesa software program rasterizer or related avenues love Softpipe. By some means as we hit 2021, SWRAST has been eliminated from the Mesa code-inappropriate.

Earlier this month Mesa 21.0 dropped the standard OSMesa code whereas for ending out the three hundred and sixty five days Crimson Hat’s Adam Jackson has eliminated the standard software program rasterizer.

Jackson infamous, “Following up from the standard swrast OSMesa elimination in favor of llvmpipe/softpipe, desire away the standard swrast DRI driver. It be unused by any distribution — debian changed into once the closing holdout till this week, which had it enabled as an different of softpipe on imprecise platforms (non-LLVM and hurd). Now that debian has switched, desire away the driver so no person can accidentally enable it again.

SWRAST must not be overlooked by somebody in 2021 with LLVMpipe being some distance right or Softpipe if on an imprecise platform lacking appropriate LLVM toughen. Mesa 21.0 with this and other changes must be out in March.

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