Intel Media SDK 20.5.1 Released


On the birth up of Q4, Intel launched Media SDK 20.3 with AV1 accelerated decode, Rocket Lake, DG1/SG1 discrete GPU strengthen, and varied improvements. Now to cease out the quarter is a brand original free up coming in at model 20.5.1.

The Intel Media SDK is their API for providing video decode/encode on Intel Gen HD/UHD/Iris/Xe Graphics. From HEVC through VP9 and now AV1 with the very most up-to-date hardware, Intel has been investing on this accepted media machine pattern kit as allotment of their Xe Graphics play and guaranteeing this C API will work well in the files center too and shapely no longer desktop/pc systems. The Intel Media SDK in flip could perchance even be utilized by the likes of FFmpeg and GStreamer as well to varied Intel machine programs handle the OpenVINO toolkit. The Media SDK furthermore exposes VA-API strengthen as one of many potential for Intel video acceleration.

Intel Media SDK 20.5.1 is the original model shapely launched nowadays to be triumphant the feeble Media SDK 20.3.0. This original free up has a sequence of AVC encode low-level improvements, refactored handling of errors in physique submission for the AV1 decoding, TCBRC strengthen for HEVC encode, updated code samples, strengthen for dynamic GPU session precedence, and a sequence of varied low-level changes.

This originate-supply Intel Media SDK could perchance even be downloaded from GitHub.

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