CueCat Inventor Is Back to Help Trump Try to Overthrow the Election

The inventor in the abet of 1 of the worst items of all time has joined the motley crew of quasi-consultants trying to protect President Donald Trump’s fraudulent election fraud claims despite being wildly unqualified to attain so.

His name is Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and he testified previous to the Georgia Declare Judiciary Subcommittee this week, introducing himself as an “inventor and sample recognition educated” whose “prolific” patents for pc-readable code are licensed by with regards to each and every global tech big and broken-down on extra than 12 billion devices worldwide.

It’s a wholely frightful inform that you just received’t be stunned to be taught is much from the fact. Truly, Pulitzer didn’t procure QR codes or the skills that powers them, however he is the brains in the abet of the CueCat, a relic of wacky early aughts gadgetry that failed so spectacularly that he later had his name legally modified, ostensibly to distance himself from this multi-million-buck distress.

The CueCat turned into a cat-fashioned, handheld barcode reader (hence the name) that debuted in 2000 and has been widely criticized by Time Magazine, the Wall Avenue Journal, and scores of tech reviewers as one of many crappiest inventions ever. The plot’s total schtick turned into it could in reality read barcodes from magazine ads that as soon as scanned into your pc would outcome in… the equivalent advert. Factual the score model of it. But, hiya, you didn’t want to form a URL into your browser, and boy hey that particular is convenient!

Yeah, that you just must presumably moreover deem about now why it didn’t exactly utilize on. Then again, with that gross sales pitch, Pulitzer (then going by Jeffrey Jovan Philyaw) managed to wrack up $185 million in funding from high-profile corporate backers equivalent to Coca Cola and Current Motors. Unnecessary to deliver, the CueCat bombed. Partly for the reason that plot received scathing reports across the board, and partly because an enormous security breach left the internal most records of its 140,000 customers launch to hackers.

G/O Media could moreover merely procure a commission

And from the ashes of that trash fireplace, Pulitzer has emerged fancy a shit-covered phoenix to profit on yet one other doomed misadventure: Trump’s an increasing number of decided makes an try to expose he didn’t lose the 2020 presidential election stunning and sq..

As flagged by tech analyst Christina Warren on Twitter, Pulitzer spoke previous to a subcommittee of deliver senators on Wednesday the keep he hawked his forensic voter fraud detection machine and talked a lot about paper. His rambling diatribe, which that you just must presumably moreover try on YouTube, painted an election-stealing conspiracy lively machine-generated ballots, “counterfeit squiggles,” and the supposed clues that will seemingly be deciphered from paper folds—er, excuse me, “kinematic artifacts.” The day previous to his testimony, he posted a video on Twitter covering the equivalent talking aspects and tagged the president, several conspiracy theorists, and a ways-real media personalities, presumably in an try to head viral among the diehards Trumpers aloof tantruming about supposed election interference. (Existing: Twitter flagged the video for spreading disputed election fraud claims).

Pulitzer turned into one of several “consultants” the subcommittee heard from as Georgia’s upcoming Senate runoff election, that can engage the majority leadership of the Senate, remains below a nationwide spotlight. Interestingly realizing that his voter fraud charade isn’t long for this world, Trump tweeted out a call for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to resign Wednesday and known as the deliver’s GOP leadership “fools.”

Limitless reliable-Trump conspiracies bear cropped up in the weeks since the election, many of which were echoed by Fox Info and assorted conservative news retail outlets. Smartmatic and Dominion Vote casting Systems, two balloting machine companies on the heart of many of these fraudulent allegations, bear begun pushing abet with real challenges and threatening defamation lawsuits. And whereas these histrionics will seemingly be provocative to see, correct as a reminder it must be infamous that federal election officials bear declared the 2020 presidential speed “primarily the most stable in American historical past.”

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